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About Me

I am so pleased you are here!


I have been working with clients for over 15 years. I am a qualified life coach, personal trainer, nutritional therapist and master practitioner for eating disorders and obesity.


My single goal is to support as many people as possible to feel their absolute best. Our goals are different and situations equally diverse, but we share a want to be the best version of ourselves


The RDG programmes aim to deliver everything you need to achieve this. I teach you how to hold your training and nutrition steady while you grow from the inside out.

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I want you to believe you have the ability to be everything you want to be. I want you to grow into the person you know you are and embrace every step of the process.


I have been through my own journey. It is what brought me to the place I am in today. It is the reason I have studied everything from Yoga and Pilates to nutrition, training and mindset.


I know that through support and structure you can grow into exactly what you dream of, so are you ready to make it happen?


Personal Trainer Level 3 and Nutritional Therapist (dip)


Life Coach


Master Practitioner,
Eating Disorders & Obesity

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200 Hour
Yoga Alliance


Nutrition Coach
Level 4


Mat and Reformer


Specialising In

Behaviour and mindset change

Female hormone health

Obesity and eating disorders
Allergy and intolerance

If you are ready, or just want to chat through how my programmes can help, get in touch

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