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  • Rebecca D'Alton Goode

3 ingredient protein pancakes

Easy, delicious and ready in minutes...

There have been a lot of requests for the recipe for these. They have actually been growing in popularity in my family since I did some blind taste testing and they decided adding banana to a batter mix wasn't quite as weird as it sounded.

These pancakes are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free (with the exception of eggs), soya free and high in protein. They are perfect for every member of the family, but I find them especially useful when I need a treat or I need something tasty and quick for the girls.

Recipe (makes 10 small pancakes)

1 ripe banana (as ripe as you like..the more black spots the sweeter it'll be)

1 egg

1-2 tablespoons gf flour (obviously you can use wheat flour if you like)


- mash banana in a bowl

- crack egg into banana and add flour, and whisk

- heat a little coconut oil in a frying pan

- spoon in tablespoons of mixture to make the size pancakes you want, flip and fry the other side.

- enjoy with blueberries (add in the frying pan before flipping), raspberries, chopped banana, cacao nibs... anything really!

Just multiply the mixture up if you want to make more...and you might want to. They are very moreish and once everyone gets a whiff they'll be sure to steal a few! Ps. You can switch out the flour for protein powder, but you'll need to experiment with quantities depending on your brand.


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